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Free Range Eggs

Did you know that the eggs you buy at the grocery store are not as good for you as those from happy chickens?

Free Range chickens are happy chickens.  They are not kept in small cages.  Of course, they are contained in a fenced in area for their protection from predatory animals, but they are not caged.

Eggs purchased from the grocery store come from Egg Factories. These factories keep their chickens in small cages, not much bigger than the chicken.  The poor things get no exercise and their cages are in tight rows, stacked high, and they lay their eggs where they poop! 

Happy Chickens get to run free and go into a private, clean place to lay their eggs.  The owner knows just where to find them for daily collection.

Factory chickens are injected with hormones and antibiotics to prevent disease caused by the very environment that they are forced to live in.

Happy Chickens do not need to be injected, so their eggs are good!  Don’t forget to wash them before cracking them because unlike the factory eggs they have not been sanitized with bleach.  Do not wash them in advance.  Store in the refrigerator until ready to use and wash just before cracking.  Washing before storing will cause them to lose freshness.

Factory Chickens are not happy.  They live a stressful life; thus, releasing stress hormones into the eggs!  As baby chicks, the males are thrown out; they are useless.  The females are put into cramped cages where they will spend their entire life as an egg laying slave.  Their toxic environment is a windowless warehouse containing up to 100,000 caged chickens that never see sunlight, never breathe fresh air, and they are fed a diet of corn waste and chemicals.

Happy Chickens only release “feel-good” hormones so their eggs are healthy and good for us.  The cage-free chickens get to roam free and eat insects and plants.  The nutrients from their varied diet combined with their healthy lifestyle with plenty of fresh air, sun and exercise are transferred into their eggs.  The nutritional profile of cage free eggs is significantly better than that of the poor factory chickens.

I only eat eggs from Happy Chickens!  I have noticed that they taste better, have richer color to the yolks and a nicer texture when cooked. 

Health Benefits of Free Range Eggs:

·         Twice as much omega-3 fatty acids (the good fat our bodies need to prevent the bad fat that we don’t like to see)
·         Three time more Vitamin E
·         Seven times more pro-vitamin A beta-carotene
·         25 percent less saturated fat (the bad fat)
·         33-1/3 less cholesterol (the leading cause of heart disease)
·         Significantly more Vitamin D and Vitamin B
·         Egg yolks are a great source of luten and zeaxanthin (very important antioxidants for healthy eyes), but the pale, watery yolks in factory eggs have very little

Many farmers in the White Lake area sell Cage-free eggs.  Check back often as I will be adding more resources in the area:

Sue’s beauty shop, Hair Ends Family Salon, is located at 6894 Cooley Lake Rd in Waterford, MI 48327, just West of Hospital Road.  Stop in for a haircut, featuring today’s styles at yesterday’s prices and pick up some fresh eggs from happy chickens! 

Maribeth Ruggles at the Fisk Farm in White Lake also has happy chickens laying eggs daily.  Please stop by to get flowers, fruit, veggies, free-range eggs and more!

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